I am Rich and Happy !

I am Rich and Happy !

by Radha Paudel

I am Rich and Happy!

Are you doing for poor?

No you don’t know?

I am watching you for a long time!

You are making a drama of poverty and starvation!

But I am eating and full of my stomach!

I am happy by eating what my ancestors eat.

You are starved?

You don’t have fruits and herbs.

May be you are sick! not mine.

You making me sick, poor and poverty,

because you are telling everyone about bread and milk?

I have wheat! I have cow! I have vegetables!

I am happy with my family.

You are smoking! You are drinking alcohol ! And you are in Stress!

You are poor, you don’t have anything!

Only you have bread! Bottle milk and all packed packed!

You packed! Your mind also packed!

So you are poor! You have poverty!

Not me and mine !

So open your eyes and heart!

Go with your mother and father,

Ask with them why they are happy, how they are happy,

Ask them who is making them unhappy too!

You will get the answer

Your mindset and your level of thinking!

You are moving to poverty!

So you are crying! Restlessness!

But I am happy, where I am and what I have.

I love my nature! My reality!


Want to forever!

Do you see you back ever?

You laugh after drinking!

You are sleeping with tabs.

Your relationship is momentary!

Because you are poor in your mind and feelings!

Leave to count the materials and money!

See to your back again and again!

Still you have time!

Go with empty mind and ask with villagers.

Why and how they are enjoying!

They are rich in feelings!

They are rich in respect!

They will live forever!

You will be live, if you be a follower!

Follow them and be richer, happier forever!

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