by Radha Paudel

I Can’t ………how many and where I raped?

While returning from school,
Lonely place of bush and temple,
I raped.

At a cost of home tuition,
Brother of Neighborhood,
So called uncle and fathers,
Profoundly raped at my worship and store room,

At a cost of menstrual taboo,
Hiding home and cowshed,
I victimized from so called intelligent,

Many dreams along with my lover,
At nice and large hotels,
I raped with sips of whisky,

Formality was over of marriage ,
At the name of ideal wife and greatest lover,
I accept rape without any comment.

Wishing for independent, entered at office,
At a name of skills learning and promotion
Continuously I raped!!

Determined to put off my mind’s load,
Crossed the customary law, reached at a door of lawyer,
In response, I raped!!

Escaped from suicide, blowout from raped and sorrows,
Begging rights and justice,
Reached to police,

I raped at a cost of prompt response!
Fighting for injustice myself,
Reached to institute who speaks for voiceless
Neither broadcasted not printed my story and pain,
Confined at recorder,
I raped time and again.

Unable to remain sisterhood,
Neither ideal wife as well,
Nor mother and grandmother,

My Sons!
Differs in nature and forms,
I raped by these muscles, endurance which I cared,
Can’t remember, how many times and where I raped!

(Government announce 2010 for VAW year having with poor law enforcement, what governemnt doing?)

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