Result Based Journalism

Result Based Journalism

by Radha Paudel

Can Result Based Journalism Possible for Emerging Challenge in Nepal ?
Since Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), 2006, regardless the magnitude, analysis, judgment….geography/location, education, occupation….each Nepali would keen to know about the progress on results against memorandum of understanding of CPA or simply sustainable peace and development. Despite of few exceptional mental modalities, NO one like to back and live in hell.
Majority of the Nepalese access with information through FM radios, mobiles, internet, print news papers, discussions either in tea shop or gambling station or farm or anywhere, the nature of leaders, progress of government are most common and interesting chapter for them. But, citizens are living with frustration, depression and insecurity with their leader’s attitude, behaviors. Even people do not like to listen, talk and no more sympathy with them. They are asking for results, value of their votes through good governance everywhere, each step. Specially, face book, group and individual blogs, literatures, interview with citizens and member of civil society groups, are the examples for visualizing people’s negativism towards their leaders and their degree of frustration. Regardless the party, party cadre, forum for speech, all leaders talk more or less same things, repeat and repeat the same notions but no one ready to act on it, no one ready to break the queue or continuum, they are running and running at same pace, same conditions by same saying. Very frustrating! Very challenging !
Towards this end, can journalism introduce different culture to mitigate the frustration of citizens, monitoring the leaders and their performance? Because, journalist write till now about the input, actions, entirely the first step of result which has a long way to get the destiny, the hope, secure, free and dignity of citizen. Let us take an example-“Shrawan or July 22, is the BP’s Memorial Day, a hero of Nation once upon a time. The so called senior leaders address the many forums at various places within and outside the country. Of course, they said many things; commit several things, and many others. But the result is the same. No changes at all at result level or people’s life’s as citizen’s expected. Let us discuss at micro-level. In this auspicious day, few programs organized the planting trees. NOW, can journalism can start at their newspapers like, till today XXX of tree are surviving, XXX young tress (photo if possible) which was planted by honorable …..leader ..year 1..year..or xxx implemented commitments at result from which were committed by this party or leader or group or organization in …….year,…..year.
It seems hard, time consuming to journalist as well but it will be easy once start. It is a matter of culture, matter of ethics and mind set as well. If the journalism will move with this culture by formally endorsed in to their policy, the inviters already ready to express in that way. In the beginning days, those who will not ready to provide result based information or difficult to explored the result, just ignore the news or do not publish or broadcast. Media is doing such a multiple tasks so if they ready to accept such opportunities, people would be grateful and salute to media. It could be a historical movement in history of journalism at global level as well.
Radha Paudel
July 23, 2010

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