A Sexual Harassment in Publict Transport case reported to Traffice Police

A Sexual Harassment in Publict Transport case reported to Traffice Police

by Radha Paudel

Today, my schdeule is so occupied. I want to focus entirely with my ,Miteri gaun-Let-live Together Campgain. Therefore, Laxman is in NDWA, Samjhna is in National Women Comission.

The meeting with Bhanu Memorial school has been postponed since last 2 weeks due to my sickness as well as busy schedule for 16 days VAW activism and campgain for peace ad constituion.
For going directly, I took Nepal Yatayat from Tinkune alongwith Samjhna. Samjhna paid rent for two of us when she get off at Bijulibazar.She shouted from outside,` radhadidi, I paid money of yours as well, I said ok’. The conversation looks like talking in forest while collecting fooders. Some of passenger smile as well.
About 10 pm, I get down at Balauwatar at PM’s quarter #3 to go Bhanu memorial. I said,my friend had already paid at Bijulibazar. Immediately he seemed silent. While I stepped out 4-5 steps, one voice `oh didi, oh didi’ i heard.I just back and asked, are you calling me? He shouted yes, why do you run away without paying. I tried to convience him, but keep on shouting, verbally abused by using vulgar words and attacked me; at my shoulder. I said again, my friend paid already. He ready to call my friend and asked for phone number. I gave phone no. He insist to speak with her. I said, you don’t trust me so you speak why should I? He dialed phone, connected with her but keep on force to speak. I do not. Meanwhile, the bus back 2-3 steps and support to conductor.
I really felt so bad though think to back bus to ask with witnesser. Most of the passenger has already get off because that is so long route. Only two women are there who are going to Teaching hospital. They are shouting from inside, it is paid already in Bijulibazar. Then again, I asked them, they say yes.

Then I moved to Bhanu memorial school. On the way I talked over phone with two drivers; khila shrestha and khadka who were introduced during my research` understanding mascuilinities in public transport’.

When the meeting over, I determined that I should go to police and report about it. I always encountered and witnessed sexual harassment but no one taking care of.
I directly go to traffice office in Ramshah path, Kathmandu. Met DIGP, Ganesh Rai and also ask paper and submit the application or FIR for justice.

Later, around 4 pm, I received phone call from traffice and Khila driver. That time, I was in meeting in UNFPA office, I said that I couldn’t join.
I do not know, ow it goes tomorrow.

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