Welcome Speech by Ms. Radha Paudel, Social Impact Advisor `Volunteer’, CGNSB

Welcome Speech by Ms. Radha Paudel, Social Impact Advisor `Volunteer’, CGNSB

by Radha Paudel
Respected Chair ,  
Chief guests;   Barry Palmer, Immediate Past International President, Lions Club International
Binod Chaudhary Chairman of Chaudhary Group and Forbs Billionaire,
Distinguish guests and all
Binod Chaudhary, Chairman Chaudhary Group, Forbes Billionaire 
Barry Palmer, Lion Club International, President
Greetings  and heartly welcome to Jumla.

It is my incredible privilege to welcome both chief guests and all others on the premises of historically popular, naturally beauty, culturally wealthy and Peace Peaceful Jumla.

Today,  it really takes my breath to be in the distinguished presence of Mr. Binod Chaudhary and his son Nirvana Chaudhary along with Lion Barry Palmer, Lion Sanjay Khetan and Lion Shyam Shakya. This moment reminds me on the moment one and a half year back when Binod and me were meeting as an Authors and discussing about the scope, challenges and opportunities of Social Business in Karnali.  I would like to take comparison to the holy epic Ramayan,  Binod and me are Krishna and Sudhama respectively where Biond is a billionaire and I am a squatter  though we are together, our mission is common and our friendship and commitment will remain forever as Krishna and Sudhama. 
It is not easy to start from the scratch though we have already made all foundations works and ready to kick of off four pilot projects in Jumla. More importantly, we are not alone in this historical journey. On behalf of people of Jumla, I would  extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to Lions  Clubs International and Chaudhary Group for transforming challenges in to opportunities, designing dreams with way forward.
In order to cultivate the concept of Social Business and leverage resources, Nepal is the first country for lion  club international where as Jumla is  the first place for CG Nepal Social Business thus this visit has historically significance to all of us in many ways
Today, many development actors are working over here though they are frustrated with geographical hardship, poor infrastructure and low socio-economic indicators.
Here, I like to reiterate Nobel Laureates, Prof. Mohamud Yunus, and appeal to all of us,
let’s convert challenges in to opportunities,
let’s increase skills instead of forced labour migration
Let’s fight hunger by promoting the local products and eco- tourism.
In conclusion, it’s just beginning, we, Jumla people are ready for commitment and looking forward to hear more from our chief guests  for spreading peace message through empowerment of underprivileged people from Jumla.

 Again, on behalf of Narkali Lion club Jumla, CGNSB, Action Works Nepal and myself, like to do warm welcome and wishing successful stay in Jumla.

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Deepak DHUNGEL October 13, 2014 at 7:30 am

Congratulations for your success in accelerating the movement and wish you all the best for your ongoing and future endeavors.


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