The Bitter side of the women’s Movement in Nepal

The Bitter side of the women’s Movement in Nepal

by Radha Paudel

In Nepal, if we see the women’s movement, there are various forms of movement can be seen since history but they are heavily divided in many ways. In below picture I was a speaker and I addressed. As my nature, I was there 20 minutes before and stayed till end of the program. I highlighted the critical points in women’s movement in Nepal. They were

The PM Sushil Koirala was not sensitive  towards women’s movement, we condemned his statement. He was saying, we need to put down the protest because we might lost the gain what we get.’
 We have weaknesses within our movement, we have to unified and should organize very unique and mega program. Women should speak or stake on other emerging national issues e.g federalism, Karnali’s movement .The NGO’s nature won’t work out for the revolution, we must cross the restricted areas and should be ready for the risk to bring change otherwise no one listening
We have enough done non-violence protest already.

While I received the press release from my friend via office email, I saw the below statement. There was not mentioned my name at all. While sharing the email, they sent about 100 organizations/women activists where I was missing. 
Personally, I never mind because I am used to with such systemic exclusion in Nepal since I jumped in  women’s right movement officially. It is is not single event. I saw many newsletters, face book updates where systematically exclude me. I experienced many. I would get the email if it is about protest in street. I am inspired from such exclusion.  

Press Conference : Radha Paudel, Subin Mulmi, Durga Sob and Kalyani from right in  August 11, 2015
Same press conference;
11 Aug 2015
Collective Campaign for Women-friendly Constitution
The Collective Campaign for Women-friendly Constitution organized a press meet today at Sancharika Samuha, Kupondole. The meet was called to address the issues of women’s equality and participation in the present draft constitution, the campaign’s current stance after the revisions to the draft constitution and information dissemination about the ongoing street protests.
Women right activists Durga Sob, Subin Mulmi and Bishnu Kala Bhandari addressed the press meet.
Durga Sob detailed all the demands made by the collective campaign and also welcomed the positive input made by the lawmakers. However, she also strongly condemned the lawmakers for blatantly ignoring the issues of women participation and representation in the interim constitution. She also urged the people of media to support the movement and asked everyone concerned about women’s rights to take to the streets and express solidarity.
Subin Mulmi clarified the confusing language regarding citizenship through mother’s name and asked all to take it more seriously. He also argued that this provision refrains young women from marrying according to their choice, pushing the women population further away from their basic human rights.
Bishnu Kala Bhandari, on the other hand, shared the upcoming protest activities to pressurize the government for the formulation of women-friendly constitution.
The protest activities are being carried out on a regular basis to ensure women’s rights in the constitution. However, the government is still indifferent to the demand of women rights activities. The speakers emphasized that the demonstrations will continue till our demands are addressed in the constitution.

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