Declaration for Donation of my Dead Body

Declaration for Donation of my Dead Body

by Radha Paudel

I have donated my eyes in 1999 for Tilganga Hospital after death when I was studying in Bachelor of Nursing, at Maharajgunj, Nursing Campus. I didn’t consult with anyone. When my sisters were knew about it, they didn’t trust at first and later they were unhappy with my decisions though it was not much big questions later. It meant that they accepted after some discussion.

I heard about body donation since long. Teaching Hospital interested to have it specially TUTH. I don’t know process and all and I also always busy to enquire. I am travelling too much in geographical difficult areas including crisis areas in very low profile and don’t know what would happen due to dynamic state of human mind as well as health. Thus, by this message, I have declared for following things;

1. Please donate or handover  my body to any medical or research hospital for study. In case of not available of such hospital, simply buried or burn the death body as accessible areas no need to bring here and there. I belief in global village and I worked for boarder less peace campaign so any place would be fine for me. Anyone can put fire on my pyre who believe on my principles. No need to be kins of mine. The all children across globe are my children. If any dalit, poor, girl or any most marginalized or excluded girl like to do such work, I would be grateful even after death.

2. Please remember that I have already donated my eyes.

3. Please do not do any kinds of death rituals at the name of mine e.g. Kirya or dan ( donations), no Garun puran or anything etc.

Thanks for the understanding. It sounds crazy but nevermined for taking right actions.

PS: I also never like to go hospital if I would get unconscious due to some reasons. I don’t like to live in intubation or ventilator or any intensive care .
Never bring me in to Norvic Hospital

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