Post Earthquake Support, Jan 2016

Post Earthquake Support, Jan 2016

by Radha Paudel

These snaps from the field trip of post earthquake support of Kavrepalanchock from Budhakhani to Banakhuchar which is 6 hours bus driving and 7 hours hiking. The road has only foot trails in many places 

On the way to Banakhuchaur from Budakhani 
The natural way of drinking water, I am used to drink water in such way since childhood 
The road was really too rough and tough 
Resting with lining at tree, still far way to reach village for shelter 
Thinking about leaders why they using these Tamang community 
Oh, each four steps needed rest to climbing up 
Taking breath whiling steeping up 
Remaining the ray of smiles 
Thinking how can we change model for post earthquake support 

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