#Cultural Silence: #plough at Lamjung

#Cultural Silence: #plough at Lamjung

by Radha Paudel
Scrolled down for brief note

First I noticed that farmers ploughed while we were waiting for meeting with #CFUG members at #Gaushahr,

I went down and started the conversation regarding drought, farming and ploughing 

Started to negotiate for ploughing, discussing why gender discrimination  denial for plough to women

They kept on denied so I asked to remind my childhood by sowing corn

I was slow in the beginning due to long gap and took time to convience 

Trying to catch up

Running, I installed piece of corn about 1 ft interval

Finally I Plough

View from my room

View from field 

Women supposed not to plough according to social norms that I heard from childhood. My sister Samjhna and myself had done it when we were quite young like 10-12 years old ( I didn’t remember exact date). I encouraged to Samjhna  for getting support from parents if they would had shout. Samjhana agreed and no one scolded at all.
Later, when I had worked with CARE International in Nepal as Team Leader/Program Manager, we organized plough ceremony at Sarlahi in support of partner organization, BSS where Anita was Program coordinator.
I didn’t get an opportunity to continue indeed. Feb 25, 2016, I was in Gaushar as a part of training of Haraiban/CARE program at Lamjung. When I saw that the farmers were engaged on it, I quickly changed my mind and jumping in to field without telling any secrete to my friends. Later, Arun followed me and he took these photos unfortunately, the mobile no memory.
Wife was agreed with me but she whispered, man wouldn’t work at all once we started to plough so let them do. At least they are doing a task.
Her husband was saying,didn’t do please, there would be come hurricane,landslide or anything bad here in land.I was joking with him, wow, that would be grateful because we had drought, I had doubt whether this corn germinate or not and we couldn’t bring the water from river Marsyandi.
Finally, I made it. We made so many jokes and laughs throughout stay but enhanced confidence among participants and villagers about the gender roles for women and men.

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