Mark #earthquakeanniversary at Kathmandu, April 24, 2016, #demandpaper

Mark #earthquakeanniversary at Kathmandu, April 24, 2016, #demandpaper

by Radha Paudel
April 25, 2016 was the black day in a history of Nepal due to devastating earthquake where about 9000 people dead, 22,000 people injured and 6,00,000 houses destroyed. The loss was shooting up due to monsoon, winter and more than 5 months’ boarder blockade.
By considering the massive loss of people and property, the international community committee promised to provide 4.1. billions dollars for relief and reconstruction in June 25, 2015 at donors meeting at Kathmandu. My stake for reconstruction:
Unfortunately, the government merely failed to serve the survivors due to so much political influence as well as corrupted and incompetent political leaders and bureaucrats.  About six months took place to form Act, policy on reconstruction. It was further delayed to choose the CEO for National Reconstruction Authority due to turn over the government. It was already more than 4 months of new CEO, but there is merely absence of results around reconstruction. There were no staff as planned, neither the guideline works nor the political leaders. April 24, 2016 was a completion of a year of earthquake or anniversary but almost all survivors are still living under tarpaulins sadly. They deprived from many rights as they deserved.
Here is the link of my 45 days direct involvement in earthquake response 2015;

About two weeks, along with few friends, I was working rigorously against the government’s incompetency and  corrupted approach. As an entry point, April 24 2016 or Baisakh 12, 2073 was picked up by marking earthquake anniversary. I was assigned for communication primarily.

It was not easy to work with new team members from various walks of life though we made it. I had invited almost all NGOs where women are leading and working on Human right issue. But no one join the campaign except few friends at personal level.
Here, I have shared few photos copied from facebook. Long way to go but possible.
Scrolled down for demand paper 
Gathered at Maitighar Mandela at 10.30 and waiting for friends 
Addressing Mass, demanding rights
Organizing Mass in consultation with friends 
Disputes, fights with police force, in front of building of NoC
Slogan: The earthquke shakes but state delays
Friends from different walks of Life 
Walking towards Babarmahal
Friends from various walks of life 
Tug of war with police force 
Steeping in to Sighdarbar 
At Babarmahal chock
At Maitighar Mandela

tried to attach the demand paper but failed due to poor network.It is easily available anywhere in google.

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Agitators demo by using tarpulin meant the victims still under it due to negligence by state
Migmar addressed at Maitghar Mandella 

Prashanta was addressing at Matighar Mandela

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