Mark May 28, 2016, #MHM, #internationalmenstrualhygieneday

Mark May 28, 2016, #MHM, #internationalmenstrualhygieneday

by Radha Paudel

May 28, International Menstrual Hygiene day 2016 celebrated by organizing a vigil as well as open discussion with high school girls at Jaulakhel, Lagankhel and Magalbazar, Lalitpur, Nepal.

 I found few points from the Jawalakhel junction, 
1. Girls are here from different parts of the country, they represent varieties caste such as bramin, chhetri, Rai, Tamang etc lower class regards to economic status, their parents specially mom are working as maid, or engage in informal sector, few lost their parents and staying as informal adoption. 
2. Few of them have mobile and using it for game and photography
3. 100 % girls are practising menstrual restrictions included not allow to see any men members, sun, confined at neighbours room ( from 26 days to 7 days, during menarche to 3 times). They do not allow to enter in to kitchen, worship-room and  so many similar things as discussed in earlier presentations. Even the family of journalist are following the restrictions
4. They all have a feeling of fear from god, parents and don’t know and no confident what they know at school. They have a session when they were in grade 8.
5. No one speak up or ask any questions against it.
This program was announced over facebook and shared over phone with few people but noone joined except X-Pose Nepal, Laxmi Tamag as independent and myself. 
Many passer by, cars were stopped and asked about it 
I had met a ex parliamentarian from CPN Maoist but she laughed when I shared the objectives of coming at Jawalakhel. I explained her about 20 minutes. She surprised.
Laxmi and myself discussed about the menstruation, reasons behind restrictions, shared our personal experiences at the junction of Jawalakhel after a hour vigil. 

Boldly share her experience on menstrual restriction, 
At Jawalakhel
Open Discussion,Laxmi Tamanag, PhD was explaining
Had Discussion with Police regarding Menstrual day
Girls were holding play cards 

PS: Verbal consent taken for photo display

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