#Flood, Support #Saptari

#Flood, Support #Saptari

by Radha Paudel
Hope you would go through all photos till end !

Meeting with  Chair, Disaster Management Committee, in blue shirt, he is CDO, Saptari  

Media coverage, forwarded by Manohar Pokhre, Saptari
Hope creating among women and girls while explaining about the process of distribution
That house drowned by flood, he was owner of house, the water level decreased whiel I was there though so panic 
Explaining on the  special need of lactating mothers during flood  
This village was flooded, it was already decreased the water level while I was there 
Addressing the victims 
We ate in village about 4 pm 
Photo with social worker, journalist and poet, Mr Manohar Pokhrel along with my dad
Dad also in action 
This was the first place where we distribute the food materials 
Distributed the clothes for babies with lactating mothers 
Creating hope, when I entered in to village and talked with women and other, the number of women increased dramatically
I reached farm to farm to invite women and girls as well as to observe the route of flood 
Interaction with lactating mothers and pregnant mothers, they dared to join first time because of my presence, they said
Creating HOPE
Creating Hope 
Explaining about menstrual hygiene and distribute the sanitary pads and panties
I was at Chitwan to assist my dad in rice planting. I attempted to be either in Jumla or Chitwan during rice planting and harvesting. There was heavy rain and flood appeared in east and west Nepal. I joined the eastern Terai in consultation of local stakeholders including disaster response committee, Saptari. As assigned by DDRC, Saptari, went to the Bishhariya.

Here, I have attached few photos and income expenditure (very simple way of sharing). Due to administrative reason, this support was initiated by myself instead of AWON by mobilising local stakeholders. Sapatri needs more

operation cost and more documentation e.g. approval from government which is not easy for organisation.

I had meeting with Disaster management committee at local, CDO, police, red cross, youth network, journalist, key political leaders and went to the field where we distributed beaten rice and dalmoth (dry, Nepali local food for 2 days at least) to 450 households, 182 panties and 91 sanitary pads to 91 girls and 10 blouse and wrapper for post

natal mother and 20 baby wrappers, 200 PC ORS to health office for diarrhoea. The media also covered same, attached here but it is in Nepali language.

Principally, this is very tiny support though I am so proud of you to

have sisters and brothers who trust me and work where we cultivate the

culture of justice, helping and so many symbolic culture.

Thank you all who trusted me enough !

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