The Proposed Activities for Focusing on May 28, 2017

The Proposed Activities for Focusing on May 28, 2017

by Radha Paudel
 First my sincere apology for not able to participate in meeting as well as not responding earlier. My life is running with activism on menstrual rights 24/7 so I determined to write back to you all even late. However, I believed that we are not much delay. Today is May 7 means we have enough time.

Here, I gently remind you all why we are marking May 28 whereas few organizations which are and not in list, organizing various activities at various levels since 2014. I must admit and share that truth.

No matter what we do for May 28, it will all about breaking silence, hygiene products and disposal in a way and the other around. Few of you might not agree that it talk about menstrual rights or focused only hygiene/WASH.

If any of you really seeking tangible results at the life of girls and women, without three elements (which are directly or indirectly related with rights), not possible to achieve at all. Sometimes, it is matter of interpretation and how we socialize by projects or donors mostly (we will discuss later about it).

Today, we are not like 1995 where we installed Ministry of Women after promising in Bejing conference. We all are surrounded by technology, knowledge and skills as well as so much fast forward for the transformation.

If you agree with social transformation, why should we stick with very traditional types of activities or events. Do you questions to our development work for 2% key role in this local election? To me, it is because we focused on inputs or activities not for RESULTs or IMPACTs. Now, we are in position so we need to cross the comfort zones.

No matter whether educated or not, rural or urban, the power (stigma, discrimination, +++) finally guide, deliver or distribute etc. come from men as a part of patriarchy.

If you agree, we have to do different actions and strategies for different goal. We redefined the goal but not redefined our strategies, actions and so on.

If you agree on that, we should choose different types of celebrities who break the silence on menstruation. I do respect them but not considered them for the role model of breaking the silence on MHM.

More importantly, we need to choose the heros from bottom and middle form of recognition to empower others.  E.g. Ambika Shrestha, I know her since 2004 personally, I have deep respect and love to her. She is hero in social entrepreneurship, promotion of heritage+++++ but not for MHM. If she has some stories on MHM, audience couldn’t relate at their life because the context couldn’t generalize at all with majority of girls and women.
Village level
District Level
National level
Felicitation of role model ( who broke the silence) boys/men/families/faith healers
Disseminate the stories of these role models through radio story/TV/print
Cycle Rally
Possession or Rally
Sticker and distribution by focusing men folks. Could be college, bus parks, chocks
Mobilize the student unions, taxi unions etc.
Interaction with chair of PABSON and N-PABSON- what is the mechanism for ensuring MHM in school
Award for best school/restaurant which has toilet for girls with MHM facility
Observation of toilets of few institutions e.g. TU, government offices
Media Interaction with Celebrities
Launching of Mobile apps
Competition: Art, poem at Baneshor chock or Mandella or Jawalakhel etc.
MHM lab at different locations

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