Terai Flood 2017

Terai Flood 2017

by Radha Paudel
As if the casualties are enough, Nepal encountered with serious flood from Jhapa (east) to Bardiya (west) along with Terai or Southern border with India, in between August 12-15, 2017. As like Earthquake, neither the government nor the other actors really prepared for the disaster response. The sorrow, pain, suffering was airing via social media and news. But there was no significant presence except the police and army who were busy in saving lives or crisis management.
I didn’t see any presence of major political parties nor major political parties who are claiming that they are fighting for right for Madhesh, nor any organizations who worked in Terai and Disaster.
Action Works Nepal team has already on sport. I liked to go myself to assess the situation for coming up with innovative strategies where I have two objectives; i) HOPE: for the victims. Actions are louder than words. Everyone called for peace but when the time come no one ready for action so I determined to go even without having fund and team, ii) jealousy or role model: Jealousy could be negative word. Indeed, I wanted to encourage or inspire the Kathmandu and hill origin organization to go for support. I had only NPR 40,000 which was donated by Students from Florida University via Anila, 10,000 from Mona Shrestha and NPR 20,000 from my royalty of book ‘Khalangama Hamala’. But I bought the materials about NPR 150,000 in credit with the help of GyanRatna Maharajan, President of X-Pose Nepal and went to Siraha by representation Radha Paudel Foundation (RPF). I got very warm welcome while travelling through Bhaktapur Sinduli Bardibas and Siraha in police check post. I had showed the book which was kept on cabin of Truck to get approval from security. I really thanked to everyone who supported for this support.

The details data will share later. The local peace maker promised to sent it because they lead the process where I had guide the ways as I had done and learned from Earthquake 2015 and Flood 2016.

This is the list of distribution at Itari, Siraha who were living in shelter or school due to flood  Page II

Coordination with local government, NGO workers, Human right defenders, Peace makers etc.
This is the list of distribution at Itari, Siraha who were living in shelter or school due to flood 
The water level decreased in August 15, 2017

Coordination with Police, Armed Force and Police 

Targeted the elder and women headed household 
Targeted the women with pregnancy, lactation, this is only 10th day boy
Targeted the adolescent girls, post natal mothers 
Targeted the #Mushahar community, a most marginalized group in terai
Children from Mushahar community at Siraha
Had coordination with local government, officer from municipality office
Friends from X-Pose Nepal supported to gathered the materials in Kathmandu
The materials is in package from tents, traps, food, extra belongings for special groups
Had explained the norms of distribution and collection of funds 
Women were living in school for last four days 

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