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Dialogue on Dignified Menstruation at Dailekh

by Radha Paudel

Dialogue on Dignified Menstruation at Dailekh, 21-28, August 2017 where we lost two 14 years and 19 years girls due to #menstrualrestriction by snake bitesInteraction with #faithhealers Discussion with #Mother‘sgroupGroup work and discussion with #politicalleadersHome visit who are #rolemodelsDiscussion with #students from grade 7,8,9,10Singing and dancing during #teej2017Interface program with CSOsSpoke on dignified menstruation and #rishipanchamiLive speech over three FMs at Dailekh bazar Soraj Shahi,Cameraman […]

Intellectual Disability in Nepal: Challenges and way forward

by Radha Paudel

‘’I have so many stories to share but tear off before speaking up. My heart just bleeds by overflowing of sorrows and happiness during the 13 years course of having son with intellectual disability. I really never ever imagine about having disable baby, I had expectation of normal child but he hadn’t had the normal […]