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Compatibility Assessment of School Textbook with Dignified Menstruation

by Radha Paudel

Background: The WASH consortium organized a regional workshop in Feb, 2017 at Tulshipur, Dang where the stakeholders across Nepal including activists, role models and government people gathered and declared a 15 points commitment for creating environment for dignified menstruation. Among them a commitment was develop a school curriculum from grade four to ten. Therefore, this […]

Dialogue on Dignified Menstruation at Dailekh

by Radha Paudel

Dialogue on Dignified Menstruation at Dailekh, 21-28, August 2017 where we lost two 14 years and 19 years girls due to #menstrualrestriction by snake bitesInteraction with #faithhealers Discussion with #Mother‘sgroupGroup work and discussion with #politicalleadersHome visit who are #rolemodelsDiscussion with #students from grade 7,8,9,10Singing and dancing during #teej2017Interface program with CSOsSpoke on dignified menstruation and #rishipanchamiLive speech over three FMs at Dailekh bazar Soraj Shahi,Cameraman […]

#teejsong2017, #teej, #menstruation, #respectparents

by Radha Paudel

घुम्दै फिर्दै, बर्सै दिनको तीज आयो, ८० बर्से बाउलाई भेट्ने दिन आयो । दिदि, भिनाजु छोराछोरी सबै भेला हुन्छौ, भाई बुहारी बा पेट मिची मिची नाच्छौ ।घुम्दै फिर्दै, बर्सै दिनको तीज आयो,गाउ घरका सङिहरु भेट्ने दिन आयो ।+++++++कोही सम्जन्छन् आमाको नाच, कोही मिठो अचार्,मैले सम्झिये गीत, दिदिले भाचिन कम्मर ।घुम्दै फिर्दै, बर्सै दिनको तीज आयो,घरै रमाइलो, टोलै रमाइलो, […]