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Collective efforts demands to overcome Genocide in Karnali

by Radha Paudel

Let me start the issue directly.  According to the Human Development Report 2014, the life expectancy of the Karnali people is 49 years where as 67.8 years of people who are living in 13 zones of Nepal. Here, the Karnali people lost 18.8 years (67.8-49 years). My mind is continuously counting ahead. Today, the average […]

Menstrual Restriction in Karnali: Call for Action for Peace, Human Right, Empowerment and Development at Martin Chautari

by Radha Paudel

Please scrolled down for slides Points before starting the presentation: Great honoured to have you all and extended sincere thank you to all of you specially Martin Chautari and Karnali 2020 for creating this opportunity I have shared this presentation from my 30 years battle against menstrual restrictions, studies, field works etc. I had taken […]