I have Right, I can Exercise

I have Right, I can Exercise

by Radha Paudel
`I have Right, I can Exercise’


Fifteen years back!!!
I never thought that,
About my tragedy with my dearest one, parents and my friends,
I was full of energy and enthusiasm.
I didn’t listen to anyone, married a policeman of buffer zone.
He really loved me! respected me! I am shocked – how he left me!
After two years of my blissful time,
Having girl child, looks like copy of him, felt proud, being with him.
Regrettably, he said that he transferred
He gone, gone forever, no miss calls, no letter
My tragedies went up and up !
Kicked out from my rental house,
No communication with parents and siblings,
I was in road! No food for my daughter, Iam guilty of her as well,
Everyone behave as I’m untouchable and to my daughter!
I begged for labor work but NOT provided
I loved roads, sold liquor, gradually men started coming,
All respected me by drinking, love me with sexual advantages
Neither was I aware nor options I had!
I got used to all, couldn’t kill neither my daughter nor mine,
In other hand,
Charged me-a bad women like prostitute,
Neighbors threatened me for burn,
But it was my life and way of survival!
Now, improved my social condition as well,
Because I associated with popular education centers,
I give up liquor, men, quarrelsome and all misfortune,
Still I am with my girl child.
Transformed daily life of both of us, she is in school as child of shopkeeper,
No men come at night,
No any charges, violence at all.
I learned several things from my life.
Won’t repeat to my girl child.
She would get education as her choice, were not blind as I had.
She has right to control over body with logical order, not as mine.
She would get position by her choice and would act upon
(Presented in Burundi, WEP conference, June 2009)
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