Memorandum to Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattari, Nov 22, 2011

Memorandum to Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattari, Nov 22, 2011

by Radha Paudel

On behalf of the women’s campgain for peace and constituion -third phase, I am cordinating to get the time with Prime Minister, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Indeed, it was really hard to get the time if anyone do not have political access though got it for the Nov 22, 2011 at 2 PM at singh darbar.
As a norms, I have already informed participants organizations to forward their name and bring identity card. To entry in to the Singh darbar is another hard job, people are waiting and waiting, asking requesting with people in the reception. They are calling inside/who is intend to meet to note their name for entering their name.
All police officers unable to recognize the simple english, most of members of campgain have english card. I am taking support from Samjhana poudel, a journalist and the Aruna Rayamajhi, a personal secretary of the PM’s office and she also a journalist. Otherwise, the entering process would be more complicated.

We have appoitment for 2 pm, we were waiting and waiting at the door of PM’s office. At the mean time, I was receiving the message from Biswadip, a secretary of PM. He is trying to avoid us ,said hard to make meeting because there were many meeting for identifying a chairperson for restructuring commission with among 4 political parties and also has cabinate meeting for approval for the earlier decision.

I was keep on discussing and requesting over sms and phone. Later he didn’t response over phone and sms. Meanwhile, Samjhna was keep on talking with Hisila Yami, Aruna Rayamaji as well.

My collegues and myself were understand well the busiest schedule of the PM. We, women also wants to progressive steps for the implementation of 7 points agenda for peace, made in last Kartik 15, 2068.
But, the mechanism to comunicate and access is so poor and frustarting. We felt bad that the security gurds/police badly behaved with us. They said,without taking apointment why you came here? if you got appointment, they come to bring you respectfully and so on.
Meantime, many people were entering inside but no one called us and denied to response.

1. The entering process in to singhdarbar is should modify if this governement is representing the republican country. If this is not accessble to women, poor, disabled, conflict affected,what does its mean? I met many people come from banke, Kailali, Jajarkot and they represent dalit, women, conflict affected, disable, poor, unable to read and write.
2. When the beurocrats, secuirty people, political leaders will transform their attitute towards the women and their rights.
3. These are the representative cases,women are getting violence everywhere.With ignoring women’s status,is itpossible peace and constituion based on social justice.
4.Many unanswered questions regards to women’s and their rights who is really responsive for for gender equality and human rights. How long do women fight for that?
5. we back without submission our petition,where we 15 organizations were representating and we also do not know when they postponed for our meeting. NO ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH MANAGEMENT !
That’s all for today!

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