Meeting with Simon

Meeting with Simon

by Radha Paudel

After a long time, unexpectedly, I fall in love with Simon. He is really beauty and handsome. Really, handsome with adequate height, big belly, long feet, shining eyes, bit short mustache and short smile, hee…hee… Really, I must fell in love and I love him. I was familiar with him since April 2011 because it was one of the funny questions during workshop. I answered because I loved him. Thanks god! I was with him. Earlier, I asked with Sarah with some hesitation because I scared with her.

Dec 15, 2011, early in the morning about 4am, I was awake up due to noise of Simon. I kept door open because my PAPA is quite unfamiliar with sophisticated housing style and shifting from hotel to apartment in my friend. Sarah is working in UN, so she has apartment which is really more decorated and fancy than five star hotel in Bangkok. Dad keep on asking many questions regards to house, development, Nepali politics, leaders and all.

Simon was keep on shouting, I turned side, he came this side, near my ear and vice versa. I massage him in his back, chat him; talked about Sarah, kissed him, hug him. I did whatever I knew and can. I really try to perform well as his beloved one. I mean trying to be replace her in a way and another. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop, keep on crying with tiny and centi mode. I felt very bad because I failed. Totally failed. I remember the Bangkok, the apartments, busy people and their busy schedule. Is it the best to be away from development where beloved one can live together in very natural way. Anyway, I become crazy.

Immediately, I stood u and run to kitchen, searched in drawers, cupboard, refrigerators and everywhere. I didn’t see what I saw before. I didn’t know where it was; neither finish nor house made dispose it.
Simon also followed me wherever I was. He also loved me as original or natural way. Thank god, world exist due and for LOVE, everywhere. Because of language barrier, I can’t understand well always what Sarah’s saying, either Simon or the Thai language. Hee… heee. Finally, I saw seven letter in very small writings. It was written `PET FOOD’.

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