#Kanti Children Hospital, Feb 2016

#Kanti Children Hospital, Feb 2016

by Radha Paudel

After 13 years later, I stepped in Kanti Children Hospital in 2016 for treatment of my Nephew. Many of my friends suggested me to go Kanti for rule out the unidentified fever if you have any connection over there. It was so ridiculous matter though I have contacted to few of my friends and reached there at 7 PM.

Dr Krishnahari Subedi helped to reaching out Dr Prajwal Paudel and Menuka Khanal helped me in first admission process. I didn’t touch with all of them since long. My Nephew’s sickness created avenue for meeting, reuniting and bonding each others.

Here, I don’t like to discuss in details due to time factor. I just like to highlight the quality stuffs what I observed and experience during my stay.

1. Cleanliness: After 4 hours, I shifted in special Cabin where the floor wiped in each shift of duty or three times a day.Highly appreciated but not clean the sink, and toilet and no use antiseptic.

2. Facilities: I paid 1300/night that was too expensive in comparison with services. The cupboard was broken very badly and given very bad look. There was poor supply of water. Almost everyday, there was no water supply for few hours to whole day. The water was very poor in quality, plenty of live ants like round worm, seen in water and the water colour also muddy and yellowish in between. There was nothing except a simple bed, a low bed. Since it is children hospital but nothing for children to play.

3. Doctors: there is no interaction and briefing. We had briefing from Dr Prajwal who is third year student of MD. He usually came before round and discuss with us. I always thinking about the other ordinary people regarding interaction, briefing and so on. There was no evening round. In case of emergency, nurses called

4. Nurses: The number of nurses is more in morning duty and only one nurse for night and evening. No matter how much busy they were or how many number they have, no one come to the patient’s side except medication and fever. The patient nurse ratio is unfair for night duty but the quality of nursing service was heavily compromised. None of the nurses asked or interact with the patient or party. I had maintained temperature myself and also done cold compress, medication as my discretion. I didn’t see any changes in nurse’s quality since 1990 (when I was admitted in Bharatpur hospital due to tetanus) to date no matter whether they have BN or BSCor senior nurse or any other position’s or degrees. Many nurses are working in outside of the hospital as full time job holder so the hospital’s services was compromised. Few of nurses identified about me and started to come to say hello though no change at all.

5. Cantten: is serving but has poor quality. No special food for sick children.

6. Services: Still there is no special services for children e.g. ENT, cardiac. We went to TUTH for ENT service and we had very hard time due to improper information from duty staff at Kanti and there is no any priority for admitted or referred cases from Kanti. Walking here and there with sick child was tough to everyone.

7. Investigations: Many investigations still not available at Kanti and those which are available are handling manually.

It was shame that the national children hospital operate in only morning shift, evening shift in emergency (very rare) and there was close the theatre during night. Almost all children coming from periphery of the Kathmandu valley and few of the from nearby districts as well as eastern and western part of the country. From their outside looking, they sounded low economic status and no or less educated.

The corruption, culture of impunity is rampant in national level, everyone aware but ignore as like open secrete. I was thinking and worried about the rural health, people and national development at large. Long way to go, who would be the champion ;( 😉

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