Engaging Men for Women”s Leadership on Natural Resource Management, Feb 22-26, 2016 Beshishahr, Lamjung, Hariyoban Program

Engaging Men for Women”s Leadership on Natural Resource Management, Feb 22-26, 2016 Beshishahr, Lamjung, Hariyoban Program

by Radha Paudel
I involved with men Engagement Alliance in Nepal since beginning, 2007, as Team Leader of Women Empowerment Project in CARE Nepal. Later, I was associated as SANAM (South Asian Fellowship for Addressing Masculinity) since 2011. Action Works Nepal and myself is keep on sharing the activities on engaging with men and boys.
I never get any opportunity to contribute Men Engagement Alliance such as research, training etc. where as I shared my update about my training on EMAP (Engaging Men for Accountability Practice). I may be the first and last person for certification as Global Resource Person.
I suddenly got phone call from alliance for training district. I said ok because I wanted to contribute for it.  It could be due to offer for many training at once.
Later,I knew that it is for Hariyoban/CARE. I was more interested because the friends who were working in my team are working as senior positions now such as Sabitra, Gupta. Many others like Sandesh, Indu,Popular are also working in a way and other. I wanted to learn from CARE team to what extend they are able to transform the community with such high level of leadership/power and resources. They all were so vocal while talking gender equality.  I happily joined. It was my earned engagement about after 2 years. I signed in paper Nrs 12000/day including tax without any questions.
Other facilitators had already chose the venue which was not proper practice to work in inclusion and gender equality. However, I was so happy to join Lamjung by many ways. I had very bad headache for more than 2 weeks though I went to Lamjung by myself. I took a Taxi from Pepsicola and Kalanki in  Nrs 1200, then tok a bus for Pokhara till Dumre in Nrs 350 and from Dumre to Beshishahar in Nrs 150.I hadn’t know about the info on transport, I got the info from coordinator bit late. I also hadn’t much because I had confident that I can survive within my country. I hadn’t get the seats except taxi, used bunt (next to the driver),  reached at 7 pm. It was already dark though I found the hotel called Tukuche where I stayed couple of nights in 2012.

  I facilitated Harioban program’s 5 days training at Lamjung for the participants who were coming from earthquake areas of Lamjung,Gorkha and Dhading for engaging men for women’s leadership on NRM. It was started from Feb 22 and ended Feb 26, 2016. It was very good experience and felt proud when I saw the changes among participants within 3 days of the training. The CARE team and participants felt odd while not using the laptop for sessions and engaging them through participatory exercises.
 I also felt by seeing the mis use of resources at the name of development. However, I enjoyed and learned so many things.  Thanks to organizers for this opportunity. While writing this blog (March 8,2016) I don’t take a money. CARE dropped me up to Kathmandu where partners staff were till Dhadingbesi road .

These are the basic practical traits for men champions or REAL Men , I shared from the experience from Jumla
Hotel Tukuche, where I stayed a night on my personal cost. I stayed at same room exactly four years ago Feb 2012

before and after of Bahundanda, trip

Scene from my room, fourth floor, Annapurna, Himshikahr and Lamjung Himal from my bed.
A hotel where the program organized, called Hotel Gate Way Resort I am not happy with this sculpture indeed very  discriminating,putting women naked 
Participants were busy in their personal reflection 
She is surya, a dalit from Lamjung, single mother, taking care of her girl baby,her mom and grand dad. She is also committed.
This is a way of wor load analysis between man and woman for changing gender roles

I inspired from her )Sangeeta Darai) who born at India,broughtup in Rukum and living at Gorkha ashusband’s house, twokids, husband is illiterate and  she had passed 12 . She hesitate to spoke, joining such program at first.Later, she is shown as sharp and committed leader.  I do trust,love and respect her and her motto. 
Banner of Training 

Inspired women leader, who is widow, dalit women leader 
Facilitating the session 
Group Photo after training
Group who were listening their friends 
5 days training over without using laptop and lecture 

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