#diastermanagement, #bill #Nepal

#diastermanagement, #bill #Nepal

by Radha Paudel

In May 20, 2016, I had participated consultation meeting of diaster management bill. My had done following points over the draft bill;
1. It should be wider participatory where the Survivors of diaster hold the positions as well
2. The should based on technology e.g. mobile apps or alarm system
3. should have greater inclusivness  includes age, caste, religion, …..based on context
4.Media should accountable, shouldn’t disseminate as like Tanakpur incident 2015
5.There should be very clear in types of diaster, Karnali and far west are always in diaster in many ways but no one pays attention
6.should focus on sustainable livelihood plan
7. There should be plan for quality assurance including research, monitoring, documentation for contextual preparation and response
8. Capacity building plan for all stakeholders more for the community because community are the foremost rescuer always
9. should have the mechanism for transparency, participation, governance
10. consider the local political bodies and current political changes ( the absence of political bodies was big problem in earthquake 2016)
11. The duplication and political influence is always challenge

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