Madhesh Women Empowerment, Parsa, Nepal

Madhesh Women Empowerment, Parsa, Nepal

by Radha Paudel

I had deep feeling to engage critically at Terai when I witnessed so many evils regarding empowerment of women and girls specially hurt by child and early marriage, dowry, domestic violence. It was not easy though I continuously attempted many ways such as spent four weeks in Terai during boarder blockade, investigation a case of Child Marriage where I was not happy and struggling to know more about gaps on empowerment. Thus, I had visited to Parsa from August 11-16, 2016 where I had met so many people from different walks of life. It was possible due to incredible support from Sano Paila specially Subir Ghosh  and Superintendent of Police Dr Rajababu Shrestha.

I departed from Kathmandu by public bus, use riksa and bike while travelling at local level. I shared the cost for meeting cost and local transport with Subir. I slept one night at Hotel classic but paid for two nights Nrs 1700 and stayed at Jayant Giri’s bed along with her at Nagawa village. I was picked up and dropped off by Umesh Giri who is brother of Jayanti.
It was very inspiring trip, thank you so much to everyone.

She was so happy to play with mud along with goats
Discussion with Immediate Chair of National Women Commission, Sekh Chad Tara at Parsa

Men are working hard alone as bread winner, they are labourers for factory, cycling for 1-2 hours in a day
How much fertile land Parsa has

Interacting with men who urinate at street, caught by police
Interacting with children and management committee at Yentimkhana,Mothersha, Parsa
The March  to remark international Youth day 2016
With Dr Rajababu Shrestha, SP and volunteers for patrolling the men who urinate
Interview with Terai FM
Women Entrepreneurs at Parsa

Women Entrepreneurs and academia in Parsa

Activist on Child Marriage, Mr. Prakash Tharu

Women Development Office, Parsa

Community Based Drug Rehabilitation Center

Public Hearing at Thori, Parsa, August 13, 2016
A woman who understand Nepali but not speak, only Bengoli, diversity in town
Ganesh Latt and His book, August 16, 2016
Girls< Big sister#s to sister program, at Bigunj, August 16, 2016
Pioneer business woman, at Parsa
VDC secretaries at UNDP#s program regarding GRB

Had meeting with Women activists and politicians including ex. honourable minister 
Reader Bhagyanath Gupta 
SP, Rajababu Shrestha, PhD
Meeting at hospital Parsa
Religious perspective in women empowerment 

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