Slogans for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017

Slogans for Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017

by Radha Paudel
 I have advised to use the following slogans to all organisations who are interested to organise programs related to MHM.

1.       Menstruation is Everyone business

2.       I belong Bramin, hill caste but never ever follow any restriction, nothing happen to me and my family
3.       I am son of Bramin, see my holy thread (janai), I have eaten with menstruating dalit women at my home but nothing wrong at my family
4.       The Mallika Subba the most popular Role model, Miss Nepal and activist, done naming ceremony during period
5.       Radha Paudel, internationally recognized activist and author of Madan Purskar winning book, have done 13 days death ritual (kriya) along with her sister and brother in 2009 and  she and her family moving forward
6.       Radha Paudel, internationally recognized activist and author of Madan Purskar winning book, she never performed RIshipanchami though she belong with hill originated Bramin family
7.       The female priest in Muktinath the most popular hindu temple they never practice menstrual restriction
8.       None of the temple closed for 5-9 days due to menstruation among goddess, because none of the temple constructed without female or goddess
9.        MHM is human right concern
10.   The Real men speak against form of menstrual restriction and violence anywhere
11.   Nisha Adhikari a film actress and Everest climber, she had period during climbing up towards peak but nothing wrong on her
12.   The restrictions during period is serious forms of violence of human right
13.   Let’s recognize and felicitate who break the silence such inhuman practice of menstrual restriction
14.     If you believe peace, let’s raise voice against menstrual restriction
15.   Government down the tax for sanitary materials
16.    We are in 21 century, let’s improvised our cultural values and practices
17.   society construct the culture, religion but menstruation constructed by nature like sun or earth
18.   I believe in science and nature, so I enjoy my menstruation
19.   Menstruation is my power and pride
20.   My brother buys the sanitary pads along with sugar and salt, he is Real man for menstrual rights
21.   A 80 years Hindu guy, he never asked about menstruation with his 7 female members at family

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