Menstrual Activism in Dailekh

Menstrual Activism in Dailekh

by Radha Paudel

Facilitating group discussion at Subham Hotel
Group members presenting their discussion and taking group responsibility, Subham Hotel
Having discussion with Anita
Newly elected political leaders
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Paduka Temple with Sarala Regmi and Shreelata on the way to Jambukad. It is sad reality that the blood is being use as pure in temple by slaughtering and the natural blood or menstrual blood is being consider a pollutant.
She had 12 babies but all dead after 3-5 days of birth at Jambukad
Had short lecture on menstrual rights and motivational speaking at Jaya school Jambukad
The driver lost his mother, father, sister and brother in Maoist attack, Nov 14, 2002 Jumla. I accidentally know his story and fall in love. According to him, total 808 people died from Maoist side. His family members neither get anything  from peace ministry nor recognise. Now, his story like big philosopher. Will write a detailed story later if everything goes well.
I have briefly explained pron and cons of all sorts of materials as like family planning methods. It should be choice not force.
Facilitating training on MHM in Mahabu village committee 
I have more products than this specially for re usable cloths

I was  extremely busy for Menstrual Research though joined Women and Child Development Office Dailekh while Chief,Anita Gywali wanted to have me for exploring status on menstruation and educate on it for newly elected leaders, women leaders, faith healers, media, cooperative leaders from Narayan Municipality, Chamuna Municipality and Mahabu Village Committee, Dailekh. I must acknowledged Laxmi Tamang who gave confidence to leave Kathmandu. Anita asked me to complete this work before fiscal year. I tried to accommodate by exploring young leaders but couldn’t manage due to same reason.  I had decided at the last moment and managed air tickets and basic things within two hours. I also requested Shreelata Rana from Swiss RedCross Nepalgunj. Ms. Rana is so potential and multi dimensional young girl, met about four months before for MHM work in school so I wanted to enhance her skills as my legacy. I flew to Nepalgunj without talking any modality of program but I just demanded at least four hours time from the participants. It is purely volunteer contribution to the government, just provide travel, food and accommodation. That’s all I need always. Because I am working for passion and cause.

The detailed report will share later or upon request, here like to share few photos.

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