Flood Observation and Support at Madi Chitwan, September 2017

Flood Observation and Support at Madi Chitwan, September 2017

by Radha Paudel
Radha Paudel Foundation supported seven families to construct the house in coordination with local political leaders, youth clubs, women leaders, media. They were dalit, widow, person with disability and poor. They will finish their construction before Dashain.  I had meetings at Municipality officer with political leaders, hospital with medical team and hospital development commiitee for assessing the maternal and child health, spoke with local radio regarding women’s right, menstrual rights, literature etc. I also have meetings and discussions on same issue with other key stakeholders and individuals. I went there by using three hours public bus from Bharatpur and walked here and there. There were flooded everywhere, I had crossed four rivers by using buffalo cart and returned with Sabitri on her bike (2 hours in bike).Here, I would like to extend to everyone who trust me from USA, UK, Nepal, Madi,my family and all.

Each passenger get off from bus while entering national park for Madi
Flood continue  
That woman holding sick baby, she was heading to clinic but due to flood that man assisted to cross the flooded river 

Meeting with Municipality team including Mayor 
Meeting with Mayor and Hospital Management Commiitee

Sabitri Bhandari and Sarita Chaudhary,local leaders whom I mobilized for this mission
Observation and interaction of flooded areas, they were older, people with disability, widow

Flooded over rice paddy field
Flooded over the rice paddy field

This is list of family whom Radha Paudel Foundation supported 

Sabitri was riding bike and we just crossed the National park and were over the Rapti river 

Buffalo Cart assisting passerby for crossing flooded river at Badarmude

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