There are three books are published so far that contributed in social transformation in a way and the other around largely.

Communicating to remove menstrual taboo


A Mini handbook entitled’ Dignified Menstruation is Everyone’s Business’ is targeted the myths, rumours, mis perceptions around menstrual blood, menstrual girls and women, her belongings and others. It is highly recommended to use front liners such as school teachers, NGO workers, Government employees, political leaders, journalist in order to understand and build an individual agency at first. I strongly believes that education leads empower and empower leads for emancipation from all prejudices, discrimination and all forms of violence. It was published by Radha Paudel Foundation. I have written a full story book but it is draft. Will publish.

The book entitled ‘ Steps for Peace’ (Shantika Pailaharu in Nepali) is a collections of poems. To me, poem is the eruptions of feelings which is not digest or dissolve after a while. It comes as like waves at ocean without any chaos. In contrary, it smooths feeling, bring peace and inspire to move forward.  This is published by Bulbul Publication.

The book entitled ‘ Khalangama Hamala’ is my first published book in 2013 after 12 years of draft. It is all about redefining the meaning of peace and justice and addressing the issues of absence of war is not peace. It won the best literary award, Madan Puraskar, in Nepal 2014 and published in English in 2016 ( and will publish in Summer 2019 in German.

I have written few books; fiction and non fiction, will take time to publish.

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