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Waltraud Hubinger’s Master’s Thesis is ‘Khalangama Hamala’

by Radha Paudel

She is Waltraud Hubinger, she  a Senior Student finalizing my master´s degree in “languages and culture of South Asia”. During these studies, she has  Hindi and Nepali emphasizing the later. To prepare her master´s  thesis she has translated Khalangama Hamala completely from Nepali into German language. By analyzing the written text, she tried to reconstruct […]

महिनावारी हामी सबैको जिम्मेबारी Menstruation is Everyone’s Business

by Radha Paudel

It is mini handbook, included 67 questions related to menstruation, found in Nepal during a course of my work, study and experience. It could be useful to any kinds of scholars and activists around menstruation. I wanted to publish it as handbook so would help in building confidence to initiate dialogue around dignified menstruation. महिनाबारीको […]