Dear Visitors,

Namaskar and Greetings !

I born as fourth girl child though it was not my choice at all. But it took so long to realize it. For about nine years,  from 7 years to 15 years, I was thinking the ways of dying because I hadn’t seen any value of being born as girl.  I simply absorbed the information from the conversation between my late mother and neighbourhood when I was about 5 years old.  Additionally, I was shocked by s seeing the fresh blood on mother’s leg and knowing the reason of this blood was from sin as outcome of angry god.

Again,  my birthplace is Chitwan that was not my choice. There are many things in this world which we couldn’t simply control. They happened by chance. Here, we born for acceptance, just for acceptance not for discrimination. In this universe, no one has right to discriminate regards to caste, class, gender, religion, region etc. But we obligate to cultivate the culture of peace and justice because we are human first. We have empathy and we potentially born anywhere in this planet with any attributes.

In opposition,  this world is divided in many ways and we all struggling and seeking peace.  We couldn’t get peace from meditation, yoga, medicine, alcohol etc. because these all are temporary.   we are bound with invisible conflicts which leads visible conflict in long run. We are ignoring the facts of reaching out the underlying causes of conflicts within ourselves at first.

Thus, to connect each of us, to cultivate the culture of peace, to abolish the hierarchy, to pay equal respect, I urge you all to adopt the value of Miteri. Miteri simply a connector for all of us to live in mutual love and respect regardless of caste, class, religion,region etc. because we, human being obligate and deserve as well.

Let’s redefine the meaning of peace and justice,

Let’s put our foots on others shoes.

Let’s act whatever possible from your ends.

Let’s bring hope,

Let’s live with peace and justice !

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